1. No Shade
    Dave + Sam

  2. Less Ordinary (Extended Mix)
    Jansons & Liz Cass

  3. Another Day Another Dollar Remixed
    Oliver Dollar

  4. Testified
    Oliver Dollar featuring Daniel Steinberg

  5. Perfect Plan (Extended Mix)

  6. The Product
    Snips featuring William Stowe

  7. Power Dance

  8. Catch Me (Extended Mix)
    Dirty Channels

  9. Thee Trk!
    Felix Da Housecat x Chris Trucher

  10. Raise Me Up
    Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown

  11. Hey Mister (Extended Mix)
    Detroit Swindle

  12. Dance 4 Love '99 (Club Mix)
    Eli & Nomi

  13. Walking Away (12" Version)

  14. John's Church (Extended Remixes)
    Oliver Dollar featuring Nils Ohrmann

  15. Til The World Blow Up
    Dave + Sam featuring Mike Dunn

  16. My House From All Angles
    Mike Dunn

  17. Music (Extended Club Mix)
    Leopard Eats Luke

  18. Ode To Eddy (Extended Mixes)
    Cody Currie

  19. Blessed Are The Meek (Extended Mix)
    Amir Alexander

  20. Another Day Another Dollar
    Oliver Dollar

  21. Got 2 Be Loved (Extended Mix)
    Soul Reductions

  22. Play The Game (Extended Mixes)
    Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver

  23. Stay Inside (Extended Mixes)
    JT Donaldson featuring Liv.e

  24. I Don't Have A Drum Machine

  25. Calling Out (Riva Starr Warehouse Remix)
    Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown

  26. Calling Out (David Penn Extended Remix)
    Sophie Lloyd feat. Dames Brown

  27. Ooh Wee Remixed
    thatmanmonkz featuring Nikki-O

  28. Re-Interpretations #1

  29. A Safe and Happy Place

  30. Wanna Feel It
    Black Loops & Innocent Soul

  31. Lovers Change Minds
    Ilija Rudman

  32. Run It EP
    Soul Clap

  33. Erotic Tendencies
    Lee Curtiss featuring Desmond ‘DSP’ Powell

  34. Just Once More
    Juan MacLean

  35. Light You Up (The Louie Vega Mixes)
    Luke Solomon featuring Queen Rose & Amy Douglas

  36. Xtra
    Honey Dijon

  37. Calling Out (Remixes)
    Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown

  38. Devoted To U

  39. Xtra EP
    Honey Dijon

  40. The Music
    Hifi Sean featuring Celeda

  41. Ooh Wee
    thatmanmonkz featuring Nikki-O

  42. Stars
    Honey Dijon featuring Sam Sparro

  43. Calling Out
    Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown

  44. City Song EP
    Eli Escobar

  45. Back In Time
    Chrissy featuring Miles Bonny

  46. Pancakes
    DJ E-Clyps

  47. Shout
    Eli Escobar

  48. Umami

  49. Light You Up
    Luke Solomon

  50. The Best Of Both Worlds
    Honey Dijon

  51. Melondrop

  52. Insight

  53. Look Ahead (Extended Mix)
    Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Sam Sparro

  54. Handz Up
    Eli Escobar

  55. After Dark EP
    Gina Breeze

  56. Now I Believe
    James Curd featuring Shaun J. Wright

  57. Jado Jador EP
    Armless Kid

  58. When U Go
    Girls Of The Internet

  59. Truelight EP
    Crazy P

  60. Muzik
    Eli Escobar

  61. The Acid Test (Bandcamp Only Exclusive Release)
    Chris Coco

  62. Catch The Beat
    Honey Dijon featuring Cakes Da Killa

  63. The Love Up Beat Down
    Son Of Sound

  64. The Radicle (Expanded Edition)
    Tim Deluxe

  65. LOVE is
    Tim Deluxe

  66. Shine (This Is It)
    Soul Clap featuring Nona Hendryx

  67. Personal Slave
    Honey Dijon featuring Charles McCloud

  68. Happy Again
    Eli Escobar

  69. Hi, How R U?
    Brett Johnson

  70. Two Decades And A Day
    James Curd

  71. After We're Gone
    Wolf + Lamb

  72. Final Credits

  73. Smoking
    Severino featuring Princess Magnifique

  74. Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (KiNK & Leopard Eats Luke Remixes)

  75. The Classic Music Company presents Voices & Noises Volume 1

  76. Larry's Exotic Blend

  77. Boy EP
    Juan Maclean’s Peach Melba

  78. Promise
    Sublevel & Blakdoktor featuring Lillia

  79. It's All Right
    Homero Espinosa & Homero Espinosa featuring Ori Kawa

  80. Telephone Call EP
    Luca Cazal

  81. Happiness
    Eli Escobar

  82. Wonky Bassline Disco Banger

  83. Classic presents Demuir & Friends

  84. Chaka Khan
    Eli Escobar

  85. In Her Eyes
    Ilija Rudman featuring Andre Espeut

  86. Houze
    Honey Dijon featuring Seven Davis Jr.

  87. Phreeky
    Eli Escobar

  88. Classic presents TAK

  89. Re-Werked
    Hannah Holland featuring IMMA/MESS

  90. Crisscross EP
    The Hue

  91. Illusions
    Mikey V

  92. So Near To My Revival EP
    My System Echo

  93. Join Me

  94. Lush EP
    Hannah Holland featuring IMMA/MESS

  95. Matters Of The Heart
    Shaun J. Wright & Alinka

  96. Over Here
    Eric Kupper & Kenny Summit present Proper

  97. Thunda
    Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring John Mendelsohn

  98. Feel For You
    Eddie Leader & Tom Lawson

  99. Are You Still Sleeping EP

  100. Re-Flex Part 1
    Luke Solomon featuring Nick Maurer

  101. Talking In Your Sleep
    Adam Curtain

  102. Raindance
    MF Hercules

  103. Stop The Riot (Remixes)
    Luke Solomon featuring Sam Lynham

  104. Burn
    Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Jason Walker

  105. Unfinished Business Sampler

  106. The Bounce Is Back
    Brett Johnson

  107. About Love (Remixes Part Two)
    Roy Davis Jr

  108. Body Movement EP
    Luke Solomon

  109. Moonlighting
    Fritz & Lang

  110. One Eyed Jack’s EP

  111. Postcards From The Disco Volume 2

  112. La Premier EP
    Phoenix Knight

  113. Stop The Riot
    Luke Solomon

  114. Jungle Line
    Sundowners featuring Mystic Bill

  115. Mr. Riddlz EP
    Bear Who?

  116. 9 Minutes Of Pure Madness EP
    David Duriez & Manuel-M

  117. Midnight Man
    Nacho Marco featuring Garen Moreno

  118. Damage Is Done
    James Curd

  119. Freaks On The Floor EP
    Mikey V

  120. The Trip
    Dan Beaumont

  121. Out All Night
    Matthew Styles

  122. Looking For Love
    Boe & Zak

  123. Run
    Carter Bros

  124. Classic Through The Eyes Of: Honey Dijon

  125. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka present Twirl Volume I
    Shaun J. Wright & Alinka

  126. Sinners Blood
    Luke Solomon featuring Terry Grant

  127. D.N.A.
    Tooth Faeries

  128. Postcards From The Disco

  129. Fall Down On Me
    DJ Spen presents Rachel McDonald

  130. Gentle Help
    James Curd

  131. We Go
    Luke Solomon featuring Natalie Broomes

  132. Timelines
    Luke Solomon

  133. Mushroom EP

  134. Classic Through The Eyes Of: Zombie Disco Squad

  135. Say Something (People Stamp Your Feet)
    Luke Solomon featuring Natalie Broomes

  136. Shooting Star
    The Digital Kid versus The World featuring Pezzner

  137. Standing Still
    No Dial Tone featuring Djamila

  138. Cat Walk
    MarcAshken featuring SOS

  139. The NuNu EP
    Mikey V

  140. This Is House EP

  141. Freedom Train

  142. Minor Analogue Experiment
    The Digital Kid versus The World

  143. Wonder & Amazement (Part Two)
    Grand Corporation featuring Grand Corporation

  144. Minor Digital Experiment
    The Digital Kid versus The World

  145. Classic Through The Eyes Of: Severino

  146. Wonder & Amazement
    Grand Corporation featuring Grand Corporation

  147. Classic Label Sampler Volume VI

  148. About You
    No Dial Tone featuring Djamila

  149. Lonely Dancer (Dance Away The Pain)
    Luke Solomon featuring Jon Marsh

  150. Classic Through The Eyes Of: Matt Tolfrey

  151. Milk & Cookies EP

  152. Interceptor
    Luke Solomon featuring Natalie Broomes

  153. 10

  154. 9

  155. Alienz
    Mike Dixon

  156. Brown Alert
    Jacob London

  157. Cats And Dogs
    Justin Martin & Sammy D

  158. Dirty Girlz

  159. Everybody

  160. Everything Is Changing
    Robbie Hardkiss

  161. Everything Is Changing (Remixes)
    Robbie Hardkiss

  162. Gioco
    Style of Eye

  163. House Of Mouths
    Mike Dixon

  164. Jus’ Gettin’ It EP
    The Narcoleptic

  165. Lost Star

  166. Mixed Up
    Funky Transport meets Jonee Q

  167. Q

  168. Remix Sampler
    Style of Eye

  169. Right Now!
    Style of Eye

  170. Rocococoa
    Dave Barker

  171. The Obscene EP
    Sean Smith

  172. You Got That
    Style of Eye featuring Freeda

  173. Canto Della Liberta (Remixes)
    3rd Face

  174. 3 Piece Suit
    Mike Dixon

  175. At That Place
    Lil’ Mark

  176. Expressions EP
    Lil’ Mark

  177. Funkosmonic EP
    Louis Botella

  178. Perspex Sex
    Freeform Five

  179. Perspex Sex (Remixes)
    Freeform Five

  180. Piña (SWAG's 'Más Jugo' Dub)
    Metro Area

  181. Sanctuary
    Atlantic Fusion

  182. Skattered Jazz
    Dirty Sole

  183. The Jazzbug EP

  184. You Ain't Dancin'
    Chicago Dancefloor Voodoo

  185. brazil.com

  186. Awoke EP

  187. Beau Mot Plage

  188. Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform, Onionz & Original Versions)

  189. Break Me
    Freeform Five

  190. Break Me (Remixes)
    Freeform Five

  191. Disco/Eyes

  192. Downtime, Turn Around And Go Backwards
    Jean Caffeine

  193. Experience
    Chris Nazuka

  194. I'm Not In Love
    Phillipé Maurice III

  195. In My Head (Freaks Move This Way Vocal Dubby)

  196. Lies

  197. Live On The G Line
    Home & Garden

  198. Morning, Motion And Moon Dub
    Dino + Terry

  199. Best Intentions For Failed Inventions
    Brett Johnson

  200. Time To Begin (Remixes)

  201. Time To Begin

  202. Canto Della Liberta
    3rd Face

  203. About Love (Remixes)
    Roy Davis Jr

  204. About Love (Solid Groove Remix)
    Roy Davis Jr

  205. You Don’t Know
    DJ Ali featuring Tim Fuller

  206. Casual Bingo
    Jacob London

  207. Unnnhhh
    Iz & Diz

  208. Stucco Homes
    Brett Johnson, Dave Barker, Freaks, Luke Solomon, James Curd, Chuck Daniels

  209. I’m Satisfied
    Scoper & Bubba

  210. Sexuality
    Home & Garden featuring Colette

  211. Monolevel

  212. Mouth
    Iz & Diz

  213. Bounce!
    Brett Johnson

  214. Fantasize
    Rob Mello featuring Cecile

  215. Data, Bleeps And Noises
    The Digital Kid

  216. A Kitten

  217. Songs From The Last Days Of Sanity
    Home & Garden

  218. Caterpillar
    Black Box Technology

  219. Jackin' The Jazz EP
    The Underground Culture Tourist

  220. Jazz Chops EP

  221. Wiggle While We Work EP
    Iz & Diz

  222. Nail EP 2

  223. Nail EP


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Classic was set up in 1994 by Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon. Releasing a whole host of wonderful long-lasting dance music from a long list of artists including Derrick and Luke themselves, Honey Dijon, Eli Escobar, Red Rack’em, Juan Maclean and many, many more. ... more

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